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Validity of the airworthiness review certificate


M.A.902(a) ARC invalidation

(a) An airworthiness review certificate becomes invalid if:

1. suspended or revoked; or
2. the airworthiness certificate is suspended or revoked; or
3. the aircraft is not on the aircraft register of a Member State; or
4. the type certificate under which the airworthiness certificate was issued is suspended or revoked.

M.A.902(b) Airworthiness requirements

(b) An aircraft must not fly if the airworthiness certificate is invalid or if:

1. the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft or any component fitted to the aircraft does not meet the requirements of this Part; or
2. the aircraft does not remain in conformity with the type design approved by the Agency; or
3. the aircraft has been operated beyond the limitations of the approved flight manual or the airworthiness certificate, without appropriate action being taken; or
4. the aircraft has been involved in an accident or incident that affects the airworthiness of the aircraft, without subsequent appropriate action to restore airworthiness; or
5. a modification or repair is not in compliance with point M.A.304.

M.A.902(c) ARC return to competent authority

(c) Upon surrender or revocation, the airworthiness review certificate shall be returned to the competent authority

Updated on 12/05/2021

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