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Transfer of the aircraft registration within the EU


M.A.903(a) Transfer within the EU procedures

(a) When transferring an aircraft registration within the EU, the applicant shall:

1. inform the former Member State in which Member State it will be registered, then;
2. apply to the new Member State for the issuance of a new airworthiness certificate in accordance with Annex I (Part-21) to Regulation (EU) No 748/2012.

AMC M.A.903(a)(1)

The applicant should notify to the competent authority within the former Member State of registry so as to allow the proper transfer of information between the two competent authorities during the aircraft transfer process.

M.A.903(b) ARC- aircraft transfer

(b) Notwithstanding point M.A.902(a)(3), the former airworthiness review certificate shall remain valid until its expiry date.

AMC M.A.903(b)

In case of transfer of aircraft registration within EU, the aircraft owner/ operator should verify that the competent authority of the new Member State of registry has entered the new aircraft registration on the existing airworthiness review certificate and validated the change.

Updated on 12/05/2021

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