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Following a recent announcement regarding the reopening of SPOA for theoretical examinations, we inform you of the following:

1. Until further notice, the required supporting documents for participation in theoretical examinations will have to be sent by Courier to the main Protocol at ‘4 Leontos & Eleftherias str., 2nd floor, 164 52 Argyroupoli.

2. Due to the measures taken to contain Covid-19, initially there were no exams scheduled to take place at the SPOA training centre. Since now SPOA has resumed its operations, applications already received for theory exams which happen to fall on a cancelled date, do not need to be submitted again. The applications will be automatically transferred to the next exam date (to be timely announced). If needed, new exam dates will be added.

3. The 18 months period to complete theory exams according to FCL.025 (b) (2) will be extended by the duration during which no exams would take place or up to Nov.26.2020, depending on applicable conditions. The time limit during which the practical exam has to take place after the successful completion of the theoretical exam according to FCL.025(c)(1), as well as the recommendation for the theoretical exam according to FCL.025(a)(3), will be extended to 26 November 2020 with immediate effect.

4. Student applicants who were unable to access Theoretical Knowledge Examinations due to COVID19 closed borders restrictions, are required to provide sufficient proof from which the reason of absence would be justified; such proof would be an attestation document received from a Hellenic Embassy or Consulate.

5. The time limit for the successful completion of the following training will be extended to 26 November 2020, provided the deadline has expired between 27 March 2020 and 26 November 2020:

  1. MCC(A) / MCC(H)
  2. Night Rating (A) and (H)
  3. Mountain Rating
  4. Enroute Instrument Rating EIR
  5. ATP(H) modular theoretical knowledge training according to Appendix 3, H. 1.

Updated on 07/01/2021

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