Personnel requirements



The organisation shall appoint an accountable manager who has corporate authority for ensuring that all training commitments can be financed and carried out to the standard required by this Part.


A person or group of persons, whose responsibilities include ensuring that the maintenance training organisation is in compliance the requirements of this Part, shall be nominated. Such person(s) must be responsible to the accountable manager. The senior person or one person from the group of persons may also be the accountable manager subject to meeting the requirements for the accountable manager as defined in point (a).

AMC 147.A.105(b) EASA Form 4

With the exception of the accountable manager, an EASA Form 4 should be completed for each person nominated to hold a position required by 147.A.105(b). An example of an EASA Form 4 is included in Appendix II to AMC.


The maintenance training organisation shall contract sufficient staff to plan/perform knowledge and practical training, conduct knowledge examinations and practical assessments in accordance with the approval.

GM to 147.A.105(c) Personnel requirements

The maintenance training organisation should have a nucleus of permanently employed staff to undertake the minimum amount of maintenance training proposed but may contract, on a part-time basis, instructors for subjects which are only taught on an occasional basis.


By derogation to point (c), when another organisation is used to provide practical training and assessments, such other organisation’s staff may be nominated to carry out practical training and assessments.


Any person may carry out any combination of the roles of instructor, examiner and assessor, subject to compliance with point (f).


The experience and qualifications of instructors, knowledge examiners and practical assessors shall be established in accordance with criteria published or in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority.

GM to 147.A.105(f) Instructional techniques training

It is recommended that potential instructors be trained in instructional techniques.


The knowledge examiners and practical assessors shall be specified in the organisation exposition for the acceptance of such staff.

GM to 147.A.105(g) Examiners

Examiners should demonstrate a clear understanding of the examination standard required by Part-66 and have a responsible attitude to the conduct of examinations such that the highest integrity is ensured.


Instructors and knowledge examiners shall undergo updating training at least every 24 months relevant to current technology, practical skills, human factors and the latest training techniques appropriate to the knowledge being trained or examined.

AMC 147.A.105(h) Recurrent training

Updating training should normally be of 35 hours duration but may be adjusted to the scope of training of the organisation and particular instructor/examiner.

GM to 147.A.105(h) Updating training

  1. Records should show for each instructor/examiner when the updating training was scheduled and when it took place.
  2. The updating training may be subdivided during the 24 months into more than one element and may include such activities as attendance at relevant lectures and symposiums.

AMC 147.A.105 Personnel requirements/ organization size

1. The larger maintenance training organisation (an organisation with the capacity to provide training for 50 students or more) should appoint a training manager with the responsibility of managing the training organisation on a day-to-day basis. Such person could also be the accountable manager. In addition, the organisation should appoint a quality manager with the responsibility of managing the quality system as specified in paragraph 147.A.130(b) and an examination manager with the responsibility of managing the relevant Part-147 Subpart C or Subpart D examination system. Such person(s) may also be an instructor and/or examiner.

2. The smaller maintenance training organisation (an organisation with the capacity to provide training for less than 50 students) may combine any or all of the sub-paragraph (1) positions subject to the competent authority verifying and being satisfied that all functions can be properly carried out in combination.

3. When the organisation is also approved against other Parts which contain some similar functions then such functions may be combined.

Updated on 11/06/2021

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