Performance of maintenance


Except for maintenance performed by a maintenance organisation approved in accordance with Annex II (Part-145), any person or organisation performing maintenance shall:


(a) be qualified for the tasks performed, as required by this part;

AMC M.A.402(a) Certificate of release to service (CRS)

1. Maintenance should be performed by persons authorised to issue a certificate of release to service or under the supervision of persons authorised to issue a certificate of release to service. Supervision should be to the extent necessary to ensure that the work is performed properly and the supervisor should be readily available for consultation.

2. The person authorised to issue a certificate of release to service should ensure that:
(a) each person working under his/her supervision has received appropriate training or has relevant previous experience and is capable of performing the required task; and
(b) each person who performs specialised tasks, such as welding, is qualified in accordance to an officially recognised standard.

GM M.A.402(a) Pilot-owner maintenance

In the case of limited Pilot-owner maintenance, as specified in M.A.803, any person maintaining an aircraft which they own individually or jointly, provided they hold a valid pilot licence with the appropriate type or class rating, may perform the limited Pilot-owner maintenance tasks in accordance with Appendix VIII to Annex I (Part-M) to Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014.

M.A.402(b) Maintenance area

(b) ensure that the area in which maintenance is carried out is well organised and clean in respect of dirt and contamination;

M.A.402(c) Maintenance Instructions

(c) use the methods, techniques, standards and instructions specified in the M.A.401 maintenance data;

AMC M.A.402(c) Standards

The general maintenance and inspection standards applied to individual maintenance tasks should meet the recommended standards and practices of the organisation responsible for the type design, which are normally published in maintenance manuals. In the absence of maintenance and inspection standards published by the organisation responsible for the type design, maintenance personnel should refer to the relevant aircraft airworthiness standards and procedures published or used as guidance by the Agency or the competent authority. The maintenance standards used should contain methods, techniques and practices acceptable to the Agency or the competent authority for the maintenance of aircraft and its components.

M.A.402(d) Tools and equipment

(d) use the tools, equipment and material specified in the M.A.401 maintenance data. If necessary, tools and equipment shall be controlled and calibrated to an officially recognised standard;

M.A.402(e) Environmental standards

(e) ensure that maintenance is performed within any environmental limitations specified in the M.A.401 maintenance data;

M.A.402(f) Maintenance facilities

(f) ensure that proper facilities are used in case of inclement weather or lengthy maintenance;

M.A.402(g) Maintenance errors

(g) ensure that the risk of multiple errors during maintenance and the risk of errors being repeated in identical maintenance tasks are minimised;

M.A.402(h) Error mitigation

(h) ensure that an error capturing method is implemented after the performance of any critical maintenance task; and

M.A.402(i) Verification after maintenance

(i) carry out a general verification after completion of maintenance to ensure the aircraft or component is clear of all tools, equipment and any extraneous parts or material, and that all access panels removed have been refitted.

Updated on 12/05/2021

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