Occurrence reporting


145.A.60(a) Reporting to competent authority

(a) The organisation shall report to the competent authority, the state of registry and the organisation responsible for the design of the aircraft or component any condition of the aircraft or component identified by the organisation that has resulted or may result in an unsafe condition that hazards seriously the flight safety.

AMC 145.A.60(a) AMC 20-8

AMC 20-8 General Acceptable Means of Compliance for Airworthiness of Products, Parts and Appliances provides further guidance on occurrence reporting.

GM 145.A.60(a) TC/STC holder

The organisation responsible for the design is normally the TC holder of the aircraft, engine or propeller and/or if known the STC holder.

145.A.60(b) Occurrence reporting system

(b) The organisation shall establish an internal occurrence reporting system as detailed in the exposition to enable the collection and evaluation of such reports, including the assessment and extraction of those occurrences to be reported under point (a). This procedure shall identify adverse trends, corrective actions taken or to be taken by the organisation to address deficiencies and include evaluation of all known relevant information relating to such occurrences and a method to circulate the information as necessary.

AMC 145.A.60(b) Scope

1. The aim of occurrence reporting is to identify the factors contributing to incidents, and to make the system resistant to similar errors.

2. An occurrence reporting system should enable and encourage free and frank reporting of any (potentially) safety related occurrence. This will be facilitated by the establishment of a just culture. An organisation should ensure that personnel are not inappropriately punished for reporting or co-operating with occurrence investigations.

3. The internal reporting process should be closed-loop, ensuring that actions are taken internally to address safety hazards.

4. Feedback to reportees, both on an individual and more general basis, is important to ensure their continued support for the scheme.

145.A.60(c) Reporting forms

(c) The organisation shall make such reports in a form and manner established by the Agency and ensure that they contain all pertinent information about the condition and evaluation results known to the organisation.

GM 145.A.60(c) Reporting information

Each report should contain at least the following information:

(i) Organisation name and approval reference.
(ii) Information necessary to identify the subject aircraft and / or component.
(iii) Date and time relative to any life or overhaul limitation in terms of flying hours/cycles/landings etc. as appropriate.
(iv) Details of the condition as required by 145.A.60(b).
(v) Any other relevant information found during the evaluation or rectification of the condition.

145.A.60(d) Reporting to operator

(d) Where the organisation is contracted by a commercial operator to carry out maintenance, the organisation shall also report to the operator any such condition affecting the operator’s aircraft or component.

145.A.60(e) Reporting timeframe

(e) The organisation shall produce and submit such reports as soon as practicable but in any case within 72 hours of the organisation identifying the condition to which the report relates.

Updated on 12/05/2021

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