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Maintenance organisation exposition


145.A.70(a) MOE

(a) ‘Maintenance organisation exposition’ means the document or documents that contain the material specifying the scope of work deemed to constitute approval and showing how the organisation intends to comply with this Annex (Part-145). The organisation shall provide the competent authority with a maintenance organisation exposition, containing the following information:

1. A statement signed by the accountable manager confirming that the maintenance organisation exposition and any referenced associated manuals define the organisation’s compliance with this Annex (Part-145) and will be complied with at all times. When the accountable manager is not the chief executive officer of the organisation then such chief executive officer shall countersign the statement;

2. the organisation’s safety and quality policy as specified by point 145.A.65;

3. the title(s) and name(s) of the persons nominated under point 145.A.30(b);

4. the duties and responsibilities of the persons nominated under point 145.A.30(b), including matters on which they may deal directly with the competent authority on behalf of the organisation;

5. an organisation chart showing associated chains of responsibility between the persons nominated under point 145.A.30(b);

6. a list of certifying staff, support staff and, if applicable, airworthiness review staff, with their scope of approval.

7. a general description of manpower resources;

8. a general description of the facilities located at each address specified in the organisation’s approval certificate;

9. a specification of the organisation’s scope of work relevant to the extent of approval;

10. the notification procedure of point 145.A.85 for organisation changes;

11. the maintenance organisation exposition amendment procedure;

12. the procedures and quality system established by the organisation under points 145.A.25 to 145.A.90 of this Annex (Part-145) and any additional procedure followed in accordance with Annex I (Part-M) and Annex Vb (Part-ML) as applicable;

13. a list of commercial operators, where applicable, to which the organisation provides an aircraft maintenance service;

14. a list of subcontracted organisations, where applicable, as specified in point 145.A.75(b);

15. a list of line stations, where applicable, as specified in point 145.A.75(d);

16. a list of contracted organisations, where applicable.

AMC 145.A.70(a) MOE

The following information should be included in the maintenance organisation exposition:

The information specified in 145.A.70(a) subparagraphs (6) and (12) to (16) inclusive, whilst a part of the maintenance organisation exposition, may be kept as separate documents or on separate electronic data files subject to the management part of said exposition containing a clear cross-reference to such documents or electronic data files.

The exposition should contain the information, as applicable, specified in this AMC. The information may be presented in any subject order as long as all applicable subjects are covered. Where an organisation uses a different format, for example, to allow the exposition to serve for more than one approval, then the exposition should contain a cross-reference Annex using this list as an index with an explanation as to where the subject matter can be found in the exposition.

The exposition should contain information, as applicable, on how the maintenance organisation complies with Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations’ (CDCCL) instructions.

Small maintenance organisations may combine the various items to form a simple exposition more relevant to their needs.

The operator may use electronic data processing (EDP) for publication of the maintenance organisation exposition. The maintenance organisation exposition should be made available to the approving competent authority in a form acceptable to the competent authority. Attention should be paid to the compatibility of EDP publication systems with the necessary dissemination of the maintenance organisation exposition, both internally and externally.

GM 145.A.70(a) MOE guidance

1. The purpose of the maintenance organisation exposition (MOE) is to set forth the procedures, means and methods of the organisation.

2. Compliance with its contents will assure compliance with the requirements of Part-145, which is a prerequisite to obtaining and retaining a maintenance organisation approval certificate.

3. 145.A.70(a)(1) to (a)(11) constitutes the ‘management’ part of the MOE and therefore could be produced as one document and made available to the person(s) specified under 145.A.30(b) who should be reasonably familiar with its contents. The 145.A.70(a)(6) list of certifying staff, B1 and B2 support staff and airworthiness review staff may be produced as a separate document.

4. 145.A.70(a)(12) constitutes the working procedures of the organisation and therefore as stated in the requirement may be produced as any number of separate procedures manuals. It should be remembered that these documents should be cross-referenced from the management MOE.

5. Personnel are expected to be familiar with those parts of the manuals that are relevant to the maintenance work they carry out.

6. The organisation should specify in the MOE who should amend the manual particularly in the case where there are several parts.

7. The quality manager should be responsible for monitoring the amendment of the MOE, unless otherwise agreed by the competent authority, including associated procedures manuals and submission of the proposed amendments to the competent authority. However the competent authority may agree via a procedure stated in the amendment section of the MOE that some defined class of amendments may be incorporated without prior approval by the competent authority.

8. The MOE should cover four main parts:
(a) The management MOE covering the parts specified earlier.
(b) The maintenance procedures covering all aspects of how aircraft components may be accepted from outside sources and how aircraft will be maintained to the required standard.
(c) The quality system procedures including the methods of qualifying mechanics, inspection, certifying staff and quality audit personnel.
(d) Contracting operator procedures and paperwork.

GM 145.A.70(a) Accountable Manager’s Statement

9. The accountable manager’s exposition statement as specified under 145.A.70(a)(1) should embrace the intent of the following paragraph and in fact this statement may be used without amendment. Any modification to the statement should not alter the intent.

This exposition and any associated referenced manuals define the organisation and procedures upon which the (competent authority) Part-145 approval is based as required by 145.A.70. These procedures are approved by the undersigned and should be complied with, as applicable, when work orders are being progressed under the terms of the Part-145 approval.

It is accepted that these procedures do not override the necessity of complying with any new or amended regulation published by the (competent authority) from time to time where these new or amended regulations are in conflict with these procedures.

It is understood that the (competent authority) will approve this organisation whilst the (competent authority) is satisfied that the procedures are being followed and work standards maintained. It is further understood that the (competent authority) reserves the right to suspend, limit or revoke the approval of the organisation if the (competent authority) has evidence that procedures are not followed or standards not upheld.

Signed ………………………………….
Dated ……………………………………
Accountable Manager and…… (quote position)……………………
For and on behalf of…….. (quote organisation’s name)…………………………………………..

Note: Where it states (‘competent authority*’) please insert the actual name of the competent authority, for example, EASA, CAA-NL, LBA, DGAC, CAA, etc.

Whenever the accountable manager changes, it is important to ensure that the new accountable manager signs the paragraph 9 statement at the earliest opportunity.

Failure to carry out this action could invalidate the Part-145 approval.

When an organisation is approved against any other Part containing a requirement for an exposition, a supplement covering the differences will suffice to meet the requirements except that the supplement should have an index showing where those parts missing from the supplement are covered.

145.A.70(b) Amendment control

(b) The exposition shall be amended as necessary to remain an up-to-date description of the organisation. The exposition and any subsequent amendment shall be approved by the competent authority.

145.A.70(c) Indirect approval

(c) Notwithstanding point (b) minor amendments to the exposition may be approved through an exposition procedure (hereinafter called indirect approval).

Updated on 18/07/2022

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