66.A.50(a) Limitations

Limitations introduced on an aircraft maintenance licence are exclusions from the certification privileges and, in the case of limitations referred to in point 66.A.45, they affect the aircraft in its entirety.

66.A.50(b) Limitation removal

For limitations referred to in point 66.A.45, limitations shall be removed upon:

1. demonstration of appropriate experience; or
2. after a satisfactory practical assessment performed by the competent authority.

AMC 66.A.50(b) Acceptable experience

1. The appropriate experience required to remove the limitations referred to in 66.A.45(f),(g) and (h) should consist of the performance of a variety of tasks appropriate to the limitations under the supervision of authorised certifying staff. This should include the tasks required by a scheduled annual inspection. Alternatively, this experience may also be gained, if agreed by the competent authority, by theoretical and practical training provided by the manufacturer, as long as an assessment is further carried out and recorded by this manufacturer.

2. It is acceptable to have this experience in just one aircraft type, provided this type is representative of the (sub)group in relation to the limitation being removed.

3. It is acceptable that this experience is gained in aircraft not covered by the Basic Regulation, provided that this experience is relevant and representative of the corresponding (sub)group. An example could be the experience required to remove a limitation such as ‘aircraft with metal tubing structure covered with fabric’, which may be gained in ultralight aircraft (Annex I aircraft).

4. The application for the limitation removal should be supported by a record of experience signed by the authorised certifying staff or by an assessment signed by the manufacturer after completion of the applicable theoretical and practical training.

66.A.50(c) Modules examination

For limitations referred to in point 66.A.70, limitations shall be removed upon satisfactory completion of examination on those modules/subjects defined in the applicable conversion report referred to in point 66.B.300.

Updated on 11/06/2021

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