Facility requirements


The organisation shall ensure that:

145.A.25(a) General requirements

(a) Facilities are provided appropriate for all planned work, ensuring in particular, protection from the weather elements. Specialised workshops and bays are segregated as appropriate, to ensure that environmental and work area contamination is unlikely to occur.

1. For base maintenance of aircraft, aircraft hangars are both available and large enough to accommodate aircraft on planned base maintenance;

2. For component maintenance, component workshops are large enough to accommodate the components on planned maintenance.

AMC 145.A.25(a) Hangar availability

1. Where the hangar is not owned by the organisation, it may be necessary to establish proof of tenancy. In addition, sufficiency of hangar space to carry out planned base maintenance should be demonstrated by the preparation of a projected aircraft hangar visit plan relative to the maintenance programme. The aircraft hangar visit plan should be updated on a regular basis.

2. Protection from the weather elements relates to the normal prevailing local weather elements that are expected throughout any twelve month period. Aircraft hangar and component workshop structures should prevent the ingress of rain, hail, ice, snow, wind and dust etc. Aircraft hangar and component workshop floors should be sealed to minimise dust generation.

3. For line maintenance of aircraft, hangars are not essential but it is recommended that access to hangar accommodation be demonstrated for usage during inclement weather for minor scheduled work and lengthy defect rectification.

4. Aircraft maintenance staff should be provided with an area where they may study maintenance instructions and complete maintenance records in a proper manner.

145.A.25(b) Office accommodation

(b) Office accommodation is provided for the management of the planned work referred to in point (a), and certifying staff so that they can carry out their designated tasks in a manner that contributes to good aircraft maintenance standards.

AMC 145.A.25(b) Office accommodation

It is acceptable to combine any or all of the office accommodation requirements into one office subject to the staff having sufficient room to carry out the assigned tasks.

In addition, as part of the office accommodation, aircraft maintenance staff should be provided with an area where they may study maintenance instructions and complete maintenance records in a proper manner.

145.A.25(c) Working environment

(c) The working environment including aircraft hangars, component workshops and office accommodation is appropriate for the task carried out and in particular special requirements observed. Unless otherwise dictated by the particular task environment, the working environment must be such that the effectiveness of personnel is not impaired:

1. temperatures must be maintained such that personnel can carry out required tasks without undue discomfort.

2. dust and any other airborne contamination are kept to a minimum and not be permitted to reach a level in the work task area where visible aircraft/component surface contamination is evident. Where dust/other airborne contamination results in visible surface contamination, all susceptible systems are sealed until acceptable conditions are re-established.

3. lighting is such as to ensure each inspection and maintenance task can be carried out in an effective manner.

4. noise shall not distract personnel from carrying out inspection tasks. Where it is impractical to control the noise source, such personnel are provided with the necessary personal equipment to stop excessive noise causing distraction during inspection tasks.

5. where a particular maintenance task requires the application of specific environmental conditions different to the foregoing, then such conditions are observed. Specific conditions are identified in the maintenance data.

6. the working environment for line maintenance is such that the particular maintenance or inspection task can be carried out without undue distraction. Therefore where the working environment deteriorates to an unacceptable level in respect of temperature, moisture, hail, ice, snow, wind, light, dust/other airborne contamination, the particular maintenance or inspection tasks must be suspended until satisfactory conditions are re-established.

145.A.25(d) Storage facilities

(d) Secure storage facilities are provided for components, equipment, tools and material. Storage conditions ensure segregation of serviceable components and material from unserviceable aircraft components, material, equipment and tools. The conditions of storage are in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent deterioration and damage of stored items. Access to storage facilities is restricted to authorised personnel.

AMC 145.A.25(d) Storage facilities

1. Storage facilities for serviceable aircraft components should be clean, well-ventilated and maintained at a constant dry temperature to minimise the effects of condensation. Manufacturer’s storage recommendations should be followed for those aircraft components identified in such published recommendations.

2. Storage racks should be strong enough to hold aircraft components and provide sufficient support for large aircraft components such that the component is not distorted during storage.

3. All aircraft components, wherever practicable, should remain packaged in protective material to minimise damage and corrosion during storage.

Updated on 12/05/2021

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