Facility requirements



The size and structure of facilities shall ensure protection from the prevailing weather elements and proper operation of all planned training and examination on any particular day.


Fully enclosed appropriate accommodation separate from other facilities shall be provided for the instruction of theory and the conduct of knowledge examinations.

  1. The maximum number of students undergoing knowledge training during any training course shall not exceed 28.
  2. The size of accommodation for examination purposes shall be such that no student can read the paperwork or computer screen of any other student from his/her position during examinations.


The point (b) accommodation environment shall be maintained such that students are able to concentrate on their studies or examination as appropriate, without undue distraction or discomfort.


In the case of a basic training course, basic training workshops and/or maintenance facilities separate from training classrooms shall be provided for practical instruction appropriate to the planned training course. If, however, the organisation is unable to provide such facilities, arrangements may be made with another organisation to provide such workshops and/or maintenance facilities, in which case a written agreement shall be made with such organisation specifying the conditions of access and use thereof. The competent authority shall require access to any such contracted organisation and the written agreement shall specify this access


In the case of an aircraft type/task training course, access shall be provided to appropriate facilities containing examples of aircraft type as specified in point 147.A.115(d).


The maximum number of students undergoing practical training during any training course shall not exceed 15 per supervisor or assessor.


Office accommodation shall be provided for instructors, knowledge examiners and practical assessors of a standard to ensure that they can prepare for their duties without undue distraction or discomfort.


Secure storage facilities shall be provided for examination papers and training records. The storage environment shall be such that documents remain in good condition for the retention period as specified in point 147.A.125. The storage facilities and office accommodation may be combined, subject to adequate security.


A library shall be provided containing all technical material appropriate to the scope and level of training undertaken.

AMC 147.A.100(i) Basic course facility requirements

1. For approved basic maintenance training courses this means holding and ensuring reasonable access to copies of all Parts and national aviation legislation, examples of typical aircraft maintenance manuals and service bulletins, Airworthiness Directives, aircraft and component records, release documentation, procedures manuals and aircraft maintenance programmes.

2. Except for the Parts and national aviation regulations, the remainder of the documentation should represent typical examples for both large and small aircraft and cover both aeroplanes and helicopters as appropriate. Avionic documentation should cover a representative range of available equipment. All documentation should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

GM 147.A.100(i) Library

Where the organisation has an existing library of regulations, manuals and documentation required by another Part, it is not necessary to duplicate such a facility subject to student access being under controlled supervision.

Updated on 11/06/2021

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