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Contracting and subcontracting


CAMO.A.205(a) Compliance with applicable requirements

The organisation shall ensure that when contracting maintenance or when subcontracting any part of its continuing airworthiness management activities:

(1) these activities conform to the applicable requirements; and
(2) any aviation safety hazards associated with such contracting or subcontracting are considered as part of the organisation’s management system.

CAMO.A.205 CAW subcontracting

When the organisation subcontracts any part of its continuing airworthiness management activities to another organisation, the subcontracted organisation shall work under the approval of the organisation. The organisation shall ensure that the competent authority is given access to the subcontracted organisation, to determine continued compliance with the applicable requirements.

GM1 CAMO.A.205 Responsibility when contracting maintenance or subcontracting continuing airworthiness management tasks

(a) Regardless of the approval status of the subcontracted organisations, the CAMO is responsible for ensuring that all subcontracted activities are subject to hazard identification and risk management, as required by point CAMO.A.200(a)(3), and to compliance monitoring, as required by point CAMO.A.200(a)(6).

(b) A CAMO is responsible for identifying hazards that may stem from the existence of complex operational and maintenance arrangements (such as when multiple organisations are contracted, or when multiple levels of contracting/subcontracting are included) with due regard to the organisations’ interfaces (see GM1 CAMO.A.200(a)(3)). In addition, the compliance monitoring function should at least check that the approval of the contracted maintenance organisation(s) effectively covers the contracted activities, and that it is still valid.

(c) A CAMO is responsible for ensuring that interfaces and communication channels are established with the contracted maintenance organisation for occurrence reporting. This does not replace the obligation of the contracted organisation to report to the competent authority in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014.
For subcontracted activities, interfaces and communication channels are also needed for the purpose of the internal safety reporting scheme (CAMO.A.202).

Updated on 14/06/2021

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