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Component certificate of release to service


M.A.802(a) Component maintenance certification

Except for components released to service by a maintenance organisation that is approved in accordance with Annex II (Part-145) and for the cases covered by point (e) of point M.A.502, a CRS shall be issued at the completion of any maintenance work carried out on an aircraft component in accordance with point M.A.502

M.A.802(b) EASA Form 1 or equivalent

The authorised release certificate identified as EASA Form 1 constitutes the component CRS, except when such maintenance on aircraft components has been performed in accordance with point (b) or (d) of point M.A.502 in which case the maintenance is subject to aircraft release procedures in accordance with point M.A.801.

AMC M.A.802 EASA Form 1 issuance

The purpose of the EASA Form 1 (see also Appendix II to Part-M) is to release components after manufacture and to release maintenance work carried out on such components under the approval of a competent authority, and to allow components that are removed from one aircraft/component to be fitted to another aircraft/component.

When an approved organisation maintains an aircraft component for use by the organisation, an EASA Form 1 may not be necessary depending upon the organisation’s internal release procedures; however all the information normally required for the EASA Form 1 should be adequately detailed in the certificate of release to service.

Updated on 16/06/2021

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