Aircraft defects


M.A.403(a) Defect rectification

(a) Any aircraft defect that hazards seriously the flight safety shall be rectified before further flight.

M.A.403(b) Responsibilities

(b) Only the authorised certifying staff, according to points M.A.801(b)1, M.A.801(b)2, M.A.801(c), M.A.801(d) or Annex II (Part-145) can decide, using M.A.401 maintenance data, whether an aircraft defect hazards seriously the flight safety and therefore decide when and which rectification action shall be taken before further flight and which defect rectification can be deferred. However, this does not apply when the MEL is used by the pilot or by the authorised certifying staff.

AMC M.A.403(b) Defect assessment

An assessment of both the cause and any potentially hazardous effect of any defect or combination of defects that could affect flight safety should be made in order to initiate any necessary further investigation and analysis necessary to identify the root cause of the defect.

M.A.403(c) Defect deferment

(c) Any aircraft defect that would not hazard seriously the flight safety shall be rectified as soon as practicable, after the date the aircraft defect was first identified and within any limits specified in the maintenance data or the MEL.

M.A.403(d) Defect recording

(d) Any defect not rectified before flight shall be recorded in the aircraft continuing airworthiness record system referred to in point M.A.305 or, if applicable in the aircraft technical log system referred to in point M.A.306.

AMC M.A.403(d) Notification to the flight crew

All deferred defects should be made known to the pilot/flight crew, whenever possible, prior to their arrival at the aircraft.
Deferred defects should be transferred on to worksheets at the next appropriate maintenance check, and any deferred defect which is not rectified during the maintenance check, should be re-entered on to a new deferred defect record sheet. The original date of the defect should be retained.
The necessary components or parts needed for the rectification of defects should be made available or ordered on a priority basis, and fitted at the earliest opportunity.

Updated on 12/05/2021

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